The iPhone 15’s Launch is Just a Month and a Half Away – Exciting Updates Await!

For iPhone lovers this time, we've got 7 updates to talk about regarding the new iPhone 15.

For iPhone lovers this time, we’ve got 7 updates to talk about regarding the new iPhone 15.

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The information claims that the iPhone 15s will feature a considerably larger battery. With the iPhone 15, the battery is set to feature an 18% larger capacity, while the iPhone 15 Plus is expected to have a 13% larger battery, and the 15 Pro Max will have 12% more battery capacity. It’s interesting to note that the 15 Plus could have a larger battery than the 15 Pro Max, probably due to having more space inside because of the smaller camera modules.

1. Battery Capacity

I still believe the 15 Pro Max will last longer, despite the smaller battery size, because of two factors. Firstly, its display will be more power-efficient thanks to its Dynamic Refresh Rates. Secondly, the Pro Models will be equipped with the new A17 chip, based on a smaller three-nanometer manufacturing process, which will be more power-efficient than the current 5-nanometer process.

2. Removable Batteries in iPhone 15?

As the European Union Parliament voted on a law requiring smartphone manufacturers to make their batteries easily removable and replaceable by users, similar to traditional smartphones. However, iPhones might still be exempted from this law if they use high-quality batteries that retain at least 80% of their health after 1,000 cycles. Apple might achieve this by updating its battery manufacturers and ratings. Additionally, the exception could also apply to iPhones due to their water resistance, and there are rumors of Apple aiming to create a completely sealed and waterproof iPhone in the future.

3. Periscope Zoom Module

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to receive a periscope zoom module, allowing for an optical zoom level of 6x. While this might seem lower compared to the S23 Ultra’s 10x optical zoom, the resolution of the periscope zoom module also plays a significant role in zoom capabilities. By using a high-resolution sensor, Apple could potentially surpass Samsung in terms of zoom levels. Furthermore, there are rumors that next year’s iPhone 16 Pro Max will have even better zoom capabilities, possibly reaching a 12.5x optical zoom or higher.

4. Camera Improvements

The iPhone 15 Pro Max might receive a larger 1/1.4-inch sensor, providing better image quality and low-light performance. Additionally, there are reports that the iPhone 15 Pro will come with a hybrid lens, featuring both plastic and glass elements, improving image clarity and color reproduction.

5. Increased Base Storage

The base storage on the Pro Models is expected to be bumped from 128GB to 256 GB. This is great news for users who require more storage, and it should enable all Pro Models to record ProRes in 4K.

6. Possible Delay in Launch

An analyst from Bank of America suggests that the iPhone 15’s release might be later than September due to various production challenges caused by the new features, such as the dynamic island on all models and other updates.

7. Confirmed Predictions

Two of the previous predictions have been confirmed by reputable leakers. Wi-Fi 6E will likely be included in the iPhone 15, offering faster Wi-Fi speeds. Additionally, a new blue color option has been leaked as well.

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Overall, the iPhone 15 is shaping up to be one of the most significant updates in the past two years, with various improvements, upgrades, and exciting features.

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