Illegal Biohazard Lab Discovered in California Warehouse with Dead Mice and Infectious Agents, Including COVID-19

Biohazard Lab

A Dangerous Biohazard Lab Found in California Warehouse with Dead Mice and Infectious Germs, Including COVID-19

In California, a secret medical lab was discovered in a warehouse when someone was checking the hoses. The lab belonged to a company called Prestige BioTech from Nevada, but they were not allowed to do business in California.

Biohazard Lab -What was found

This lab was dealing with about 20 very harmful viruses, bacteria, and tiny creatures, such as COVID-19, E. Coli, malaria, HIV, hepatitis, and herpes. Officials in Reedley, a city in California, found the biohazard lab because they noticed a hose going into the empty building. They realized that an unauthorized business was running there.

In March, health officials checked the place and were very surprised by what they saw. They found more than 800 different chemicals, some of which had no labels to tell what they were. The lab also had almost 1,000 sick and specially made mice, and about 200 of them were already dead. The lab workers said they were working on tests for COVID and pregnancy.

On July 7, authorities got rid of the dangerous materials and put down 773 of the surviving mice. The CDC tested the germs and confirmed what they were. Some things in the lab had labels written in English and Chinese.

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Prestige BioTech is being accused of not following the rules for dealing with dangerous stuff and getting rid of it safely. Right now, they are being investigated by the police to understand everything that happened in the lab and if it has any connections to Fresno.

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