Jamie Foxx Enjoys “Boat Life” and Sends Blessings Months After Health Scare

Jamie Foxx, the renowned actor and entertainer, is back in the public eye after recovering from a medical complication. In a video obtained by TMZ, he was seen on a boat with a group of people, cruising along the Chicago River. Fans called out to him, and Foxx, 55, greeted them with a smile and a wave.

Taking to Twitter, Foxx shared his excitement about being out on the boat, stating, “Boat life” and expressing his joy in celebrating summer with his whiskey brand, Brown Sugar Bourbon. He also sent his blessings to his followers, ending the tweet on a positive note.

This public outing follows an update provided by Foxx’s daughter, Corinne Foxx, who revealed that her father had been discharged from the hospital and was recovering at home. On May 12, Corinne shared a message on her Instagram story, expressing gratitude for the prayers and support they had received. She also criticized the media for sensationalizing the situation, referring to a now-deleted social media graphic that falsely claimed the family was preparing for the worst.

Corinne clarified that her father had been out of the hospital for weeks and was already engaged in activities like playing pickleball. Jamie Foxx himself had previously taken to Instagram to express his appreciation for the concern and encouragement he had received from his followers. He assured everyone that he was feeling blessed.

Back in April, the Foxx family initially revealed the medical event through a now-deleted Instagram post. They expressed gratitude for the quick action and excellent care that contributed to Jamie Foxx’s swift recovery. They also requested privacy during that time, acknowledging the love and support from his devoted fans.

With Jamie Foxx now making public appearances and actively engaging on social media, it is evident that he has successfully overcome the medical complication he faced. Fans can rejoice in seeing their beloved entertainer back in good health and spirits.

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