Twitter Restores  Kanye West’s Account After 8 Months Ban

Kanye West's Twitter Account Restored

Kanye West’s Twitter account has finally been reinstated after almost eight months of being banned due to offensive tweets. The US rapper, known as Ye, was accused of violating Twitter’s rules against incitement to violence. Since returning to the site, he hasn’t posted anything new, and his last post was on 1 December 2022, just before the suspension.

Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, who has rebranded the platform to X, had previously stated that Kanye violated their rule against incitement to violence, leading to the suspension. This action followed a previous ban two months earlier when Kanye was locked out of both his Twitter and Instagram accounts for posting anti-Semitic messages. Both platforms promptly removed those posts.

Kanye West’s Twitter Account

Adidas, the clothing giant, also cut ties with the rapper during the same month, expressing intolerance towards anti-Semitism and hate speech. Kanye faced another suspension from Instagram in March of the previous year after using a racial slur in reference to comedian Trevor Noah.

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Regarding Kanye’s account reinstatement, neither X nor its billionaire owner, Mr. Musk, have made any public comments. It’s worth noting that Mr. Musk previously reinstated former US President Donald Trump’s account in November, following a poll where 51.8% voted in favor of the reinstatement. However, Trump had expressed no interest in returning to the site.

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