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Space Junk
Hazardous Space Junk

Hey There!  Hopefully you have recently heard the term – Space Junk. If you want to get insights about the fascinating and a bit concerning topic Space Junk or Space Debris , I am here to present the same in the most simpler way.

We human are having habit to dump waste in any place. We even are continuing the same bad habit and not spare the space as well. ! In space, there are millions of pieces of man-made debris orbiting our planet. We used to refer all this mess as Space Junk. They pose a serious threat to our satellites, space missions, and even the brave astronauts up there.

Now sharing what are different types of Junks present in Space. Space debris includes all kinds of stuff – from tiny bits of paint to old satellites waste and rocket parts. Most of this junk hangs out in two areas around Earth: low Earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) where satellites like to chill.

Now, you might be thinking how all this space junk got there in the first place. Obviously this is a good question to come in mind. Well, there are two main reasons. First, if sometimes satellites or other objects collide by accident. These crashes create even more debris. Now coming to the second reason. Sometimes we, as a space organization intentionally destroy or deactivate satellites to avoid them bumping into working satellites. But guess what? This also adds to the space junk pile!

So, now what’s the big deal with space junk and why we need to think it as a big challenge? This space junk is causing some serious problems up there. For starters, collisions between space junk and satellites can mess up our communication systems, weather forecasts, and scientific research as well. And when big objects collide, they break into thousands of smaller pieces, making the problem even worse.

Even astronauts on the International Space Station and future missions could be in danger from space junk. It’s like a game of “dodge the debris” up there!

Space Junk Around Earth – DECODE by Discovery

Coming next to the scariest part- Kessler Syndrome .What it is? One collision could set off a chain reaction, creating more debris and making certain orbits too risky for future space missions. Plus, space junk can mess with our observations of stars and planets from Earth. This is definitely a bad news for astronomers.

We could not be just sitting back and watching the space junk grow. There are some cool ideas to tackle this menace. Space agencies are keeping an eye on the junk using radar and telescopes. This is useful to predict collisions and make way to avoid them.

Scientists are also working on ways to actively remove the junk from space. They’re studying cool stuff like robotic arms, nets, and harpoons to capture the junk and bring it back to Earth. There, it will burn up safely in our atmosphere.

We already started designing satellites with plans to bring them back to Earth when they’re done working. It’s like cleaning up after ourselves!

And here’s the best part: space agencies from different countries are teaming up to find solutions. It’s a global problem, and we need a global effort to fix it! And surely we will do it.

So, space junk is obviously a challenge. But we’re on it! We can make space a safer and cleaner place -by working together, being smart about satellite design, and using cool technology. We want to explore the wonders of space without worrying about space junk, right? Let’s do it!  Our only mission should be – “Make Space Great Again!

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