Surat Diamond Bourse: A Gem Among Buildings Set to Overtake Pentagon’s Size

Surat Diamond Bourse – Pic Credit SDB Gallery

In a groundbreaking development, the title of the world’s largest office building has shifted from the iconic Pentagon to a majestic structure in India’s one of the most developed state Gujarat’s Surat. This architectural wonder, soon to be inaugurated, is destined to become a diamond trading center, solidifying Surat’s reputation as the gem capital of the world. The Surat Diamond Bourse aims to bring together over 65,000 diamond professionals under one roof, transforming the city’s diamond industry.

Surat: A Shining Hub of Diamonds

Surat has long been hailed as the gem capital of the world, where a staggering 90 per cent of the world’s diamonds are skillfully cut and crafted. The newly-constructed Surat Diamond Bourse, an expansive 15-storey building, will serve as a “one-stop destination” for diamond enthusiasts, including cutters, polishers, and traders, streamlining operations and fostering collaboration.

A Towering Marvel with a Unified Design

Spanning a vast 35 acres of land, the Surat Diamond Bourse is composed of nine interconnected rectangular structures, linked together via a central spine. As per the CNN report, this sprawling complex boasts over 7.1 million square feet of floor space, providing ample room for diamond-related activities.

Surat Diamond Bourse – credit Youtube

A Momentous Inauguration by the Indian Prime Minister

The grand inauguration of the Surat Diamond Bourse, scheduled for November this year, will be officiated by none other than Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. This event marks a pivotal moment in Surat’s journey towards becoming a prominent player in the global diamond trade. The construction of this architectural marvel was a four-year endeavor, a testament to the city’s commitment to progress.

A Haven for Business and Leisure

Beyond its primary role as a diamond trading center, the Surat Diamond Bourse offers more than meets the eye. According to the SDB website, the complex houses recreational zones and extensive parking areas, sprawling across an impressive 20 lakh square feet. This comprehensive approach is a reflection of Surat’s vision to create a holistic environment for diamond professionals.

A Vision for Growth: Not-for-Profit and Dedicated to Advancement

The Surat Diamond Bourse is a not-for-profit organization, founded by SDB Diamond Bourse, a company registered under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. The mission is clear – to establish and promote a thriving Diamond Bourse in Surat, Gujarat, catering to the needs of the diamond industry and its professionals.

A Transformation for Business Travelers

Speaking to CNN, Mahesh Gadhavi, the project’s CEO, emphasized that the new building complex will revolutionize the way diamond professionals conduct business. By centralizing operations in Surat, thousands of people will be saved from the daily commute to Mumbai, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

A Jewel of Design and Demand

The Surat Diamond Bourse was not constructed to merely surpass the Pentagon in size; instead, it was designed to cater to the ever-increasing demand of the diamond industry. The architectural brilliance and foresight have garnered admiration from industry experts and enthusiasts alike.

The Dawn of a Sparkling Era

As the inauguration day draws near, anticipation and excitement fill the air. Surat’s diamond industry is poised for a transformative journey, with the Surat Diamond Bourse leading the way towards unprecedented growth and prosperity. This sparkling gem in Gujarat’s crown is set to redefine the global diamond landscape, solidifying Surat’s position as an illustrious gem capital.

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