Impending UPS Strike: What You Need to Know 

1. Potential Impact on Deliveries: Tens of thousands of UPS workers' strike could disrupt deliveries and increase shipping costs.

2. UPS's Contingency Plans: UPS has contingency plans in place to handle shipments and support striking workers.

3. Supply Chain Disruption: A strike may cause a supply chain disruption similar to the pandemic, affecting deliveries.

4. FedEx as an Alternative: FedEx advises shippers to consider shifting volume to them in case of a UPS strike.

5. USPS's Competitive Offering: USPS launches a new coast-to-coast shipping service to compete for package business.

6. Dispute Over Wages and Benefits: UPS and the union disagree on wages, benefits, dual-wage system, forced overtime, and workplace protections.

7. Historical Context: The last UPS Teamsters strike occurred in 1997 and impacted the global package supply chain.

8. Strong Union Support: Public support for the Teamsters' contract fight is significant, with members ready to walk if demands aren't met.