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Interestings Facts about Leqembi  : FDA Approves For Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

The F.D.A. gave full approval to the drug, but added a black-box warning about safety risks. Medicare said it would cover most of the high cost. 

Expanded Access for Alzheimer's Patients, Medicare Covers Majority of Costs (80%)

Leqembi: Slowing Cognitive Decline in Early-Stage Alzheimer's, Varied Impact on Daily Life 

While Leqembi can modestly slow cognitive decline, it carries risks of brain swelling and bleeding.  

13% of patients taking Laqembi suffer with Brain Swelling and 17% experiencing Brain Bleeding.erate. 

About 1.5 million Americans qualify. Diagnostic tests confirming the presence of amyloid buildup are required for treatment eligibility.

Medicare covers 80% of Leqembi's $26,500 annual cost, leaving patients with approximately $6,600 in co-payments.  

Consult Medical Experts: Discuss Risks, Genetic Testing, and Personal Considerations for Leqembi Treatment