Windows 12 : Is Microsoft hinting launch of newer version of OS with eye-catching features

If sources to be believed, Microsoft are now in internally preparing to launch beta version of Windows 12 in mid of 2024 and wider roll out in 2025;  It is internally experimenting with several new design ideas, including a new desktop experience with a ‘floating’ taskbar. Microsoft wants to create a floating effect for the taskbar by separating it from the desktop and rounding off the edges.

Though Microsoft has not officially confirmed the presence of Windows 12, but it is anticipated to be released in the near future. According to the current strategy of the company, it is likely that Windows 13 will be introduced in 2027 or beyond. It is important to note that Microsoft’s plans are subject to alterations, as they have done so in the past.

At Build 2023, Microsoft unveiled a range of captivating enhancements for Windows 11, including the integration of Windows Copilot and artificial intelligence into the desktop OS. Additionally, during the conference, Microsoft subtly hinted at the development of a “next-gen Windows,” suggesting the possibility of a forthcoming iteration, possibly Windows 12.

Floating Taskbar for Windows 12

In one of the keynote presentations, we observed a screenshot from a video that made references to a session titled “Next-gen of Windows.” Although this session was not yet discussed, the explicit mention of “the next generation of Windows” implies that it may be an indication of the upcoming Windows 12.

Windows 12 (Concept) by Advan

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